Biggleswade District


There are 9 districts that form the Bedfordshire County Scouts.

It is not known exactly when scouting officially started in Bedfordshire, although there is some evidence of a troop in 1908, which later became the 1st Bedford (Onesters).  There were troops registered locally in Luton and, shortly afterwards, in Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard.

At that time everyone wore a scarf of scout green, whereas now colours are used, which often have significance to the local area. 

 The 1st Fairfield Park Scout Group have adopted colours similar to the local school, Fairfield Park Lower School.


The Biggleswade district was formed from the old districts of Henlow and Biggleswade.

 The District badge is a copy of the insignia on the Biggleswade Urban Council Chairman's Chain of Office and the Urban Council's Official Seal.

Permission was given in March 1971 by the Urban Council to copy the crest, which is a silver St Andrews cross and a five pointed gold crown all mounted on a red shield.  


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