The 1st Fairfield Park Scout Group Badge

The Fairfield Park Scout Group badge was originally the badge for the Three Counties Hospital located at Fairfield Park, near Stotfold, Bedfordshire.  The hospital was built in 1856 on the 253-acre site that now houses the parish of Fairfield Park.  


The badge is held in the shield of St George.  In "Scouting for Boys", Baden-Powell referred to the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legend, and to St George who was their Patron Saint.  Baden Powell went on to say "He is the Patron Saint of Scouts everywhere.  St George's day is April 23rd, and on that day, Scouts remind themselves of their Promise and the Scout Law.

The serpent entwined staff that sits at the heart of badge and in the top left quadrant is the symbol of Asciepius, the god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek religion.  One of his daughters was Hygieia (Hygiene) the goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation.

The bottom left hand quadrant is the Hertfordshire Stag, which forms part of the Hertfordshire County badge.  The name Hertford is derived from the Anglo Saxon heart ford, meaning deer crossing (of a watercourse).  The deer features in many county emblems.  

The top right hand quadrant is the Bedfordshire tree, Bedforshire is well known for its acres of forest, especially around Woburn estate and the land owned by the Sheriff of Bedfordshire.  There are many ancient trees in Bedforshire including the Great or Doomsday Oak (Quercus robur) found on the Duke of Bedford's estate in Woburn Park.  It is the largest oak found in the county of Bedfordshire and can be seen on maps dated as far back as 1600, it is likely that this is the tree depicted on the badge.

The Huntingdon huntsman features in the bottom right quadrant.


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