Scouting terms made easy

The following is an extremely simplified translation of the terms and language used within the Scout Group.  For more information please refer to the official Scout website.



The term 'Scout' tends to be used for anyone connected with the Scout Movement [Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network Scouts, & Leaders].  It is also the word used for youths aged between 10 and a half years old to 14.  The context usually makes it clear what is being referred to, for example:


Beaver Scouts ages are between 6 & 8;

Cub Scouts ages are between 8 & 10 1/2;

Scouts ages are between 10 1/2 & 14;

Explorer Scouts ages are between 14 & 18;

Network Scouts ages are between 18 & 25;


How Scouting Is Organised


A Scout Group, in our case the 1st Fairfield Park Scout Group, consists of a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop.

As a group, we belong to the Scout District of Biggleswade.  A Scout District consists of approximately 10 Scout Groups and Explorer Scout Units.

The district is part of the Bedford County.  A Scout County consists of approximately 10 Scout Districts and Network Scouts.


All the Scout Counties belong to the National Scout Association


The people in uniforms, the Leaders, run the activities for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  In addition there are supporting committees, the Executive Committee, to assist in the operation of the Group, District, County and National levels.  Each committee consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus other members.  The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer must not be Leaders.



Scout Leaders - Abbreviations


The Group Scout Leader, or GSL, is the coordinator of the  Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop (and Explorers)

The Scout Leader (SL) is the person in charge of the Scout Troop, and that can be prefixed by the letters 

B - in charge of the Beaver Colony

C - in charge of the Cub Pack

A - An Assistant, who helps the Leader


In the District, we have a District Commissioner, or DC, who coordinates everyone.  They are assisted by Assistant DCs (ADC) for the colonies, packs and troops and helping them are District Scout Leaders (DSL), District Beaver Scout Leaders (DBSL), District Cub Scout Leaders (DCSL)


For County level, substitute C [County] for D (District in the above.



Scout Awards


Beavers, Cubs, & Scouts take part in various Challenges, which lead to the awarding of Challenge Badges which are worn on their uniform.  There are also Activity Badges, which are worn on the left sleeve of their uniform.  You can see how the uniform looks on our Uniform pages 

  • The top Beaver award is the Chief Scout's Bronze Award;
  • The top Cub award is the Chief Scout's Silver Award;
  • The top Scout award is the Chief Scout's Gold Award;


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