Would you be interested in joining an Explorer Section?

Here at Fairfield Park Scout Group, we have decided to open another section!  The Explorer Scout unit, which follows on from the Scout section, caters for all youths 14.5 years to 18 years old.

Explorer Scouts meet as Units, and are organised and run at the District level. However, Explorer Scouts are expected to participate in "linking" activities with local Scout Groups, such as the 1st Fairfield Park Scout Group. The section also runs a Young Leader programme which provides support for the junior sections.

Explorer Scouts are able to attain the Queen's Scout Award, which is the highest Scouting Award in The Scout Association. There are also a number of activity and skill badges which can be awarded to the young people upon meeting requirements in a variety of disciplines from horse-riding to first aid.

If you are interested in joining the adventure either as a Leader or an Explorer Scout then please contact us.

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